Trust Your Donors

February 1, 2018



Written By: Peggy

By Peggy Vinson

When people think of fundraising, they usually are thinking about The Ask – and that can be very intimidating. This month, the Donor By Design Team is taking on How to Ask. Today, Peggy urges us to trust our donors… and the process.

We all know it’s important to take time to build relationships with our major donors, even our annual campaign major donors. But often we let deadlines and other priorities get in the way and we short circuit the relationships for the sake of daily work.

Have you noticed that some of your major donors stay stagnant in their giving? They are saying they believe in you, but they are also saying there’s no reason that they see to increase their support to you.

Do they even know you?

It’s time we begin to appreciate the major donors who are saying “I care.” It’s time we make this a priority and take time to get to know these people and what they love about our organization.

If we ask for a gift now, we’ll get more of what we’ve been getting. But if we take time to visit with these donors, discover what they love, share what’s going on, ask for their feedback, we will begin to see growing interest. They begin to feel like an important part of our organization. And, most likely, will increase their giving to our cause.

Take time to truly embrace these important relationships. It may take all year, but you may end up with a much more meaningful gift for both you and them! Plus, you will have truly gained a new friend.

Don’t rush the process, trust the process…and your donors!

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One response to “Trust Your Donors”

  1. John Alexander says:

    Patience with the process is always key, Peggy…good advice!!!