Thanking Family

November 1, 2017



Written By: Peggy

By Peggy Vinson

It’s November and our minds automatically go to being thankful.

We often use this month to thank our donors, but my question is this: When we think of our donors, do we think of our board members and our staff?  Do we ever do anything extra to thank them?

I worked with one organization that used the Monday before Thanksgiving to have all board members come and make “thank you” calls to all their donors. But the really cool part was they took them and their spouses to dinner afterwards to thank them. What a cool way to spread the love!

Staff often only get thank you letters for their donations. What if there was a special week to thank staff including signage in your facility, extra thank you notes and maybe a pizza or snacks in their break rooms?  It would really be great if the Executive Director showed up at each shift to say thanks and chat for awhile.

Some of our more devoted donors are our tireless staff and board members. Develop a plan to wow them with an extra thank you. Their thanks will become as passionate as yours!


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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2 responses to “Thanking Family”

  1. John Alexander says:

    Good thoughts, Peggy…THANK YOU!!