Rethinking Debt Reduction

February 16, 2017

By The DBD Team Recently, Michele Goodrich and Peggy Vinson from our team interviewed Jen Kruel from the YMCA of Dodge County as part of the NAYDO 365 podcast series. With their permission, we’re posting it here as well because the conversation tells the story of a small organization climbing out of a paralyzing debt situation. How they […]

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“You Can’t Raise Money to Eliminate Debt.” Wanna Bet?

October 5, 2015

The “Great Recession” hit everyone – especially those with too much debt. Debt is not necessarily evil, but when it’s a touch too much, it can be devastating. “I feel like I work for the bank, not my members,” lamented one CEO to me recently. “It’s like cancer on our mission,” opined another. “Never waste […]

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It’s Not About the Building

September 2, 2014

By the Donor By Design Team Over the past seven years, it has been our privilege to work alongside an amazing team of volunteers and staff to bring the new Westport Weston Y Bedford Family Center out of the ground. On a perfect late summer evening, nearly 400 people came together to dedicate, celebrate and “cut […]

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