Turning Memories into Legacy

July 25, 2017

By Mike Bussey One weekend nearly a decade ago, my wife and I drove 650 miles to a camp in Northern Minnesota to have dinner with our youngest son. John was a camp counselor retuning to camp after leading a group of five young men on a 40-day canoe trip to Arctic Ocean. Camp tradition […]

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The Power of a Handwritten Note

September 17, 2015

It was soooooo frustrating: the camp auction. All I wanted was a gift certificate to my favorite bakery. As we bid higher, a friend outbid us. Again and again. Man I wanted the ginger cookies from this bakery or a loaf of challah bread. But here was a friend of mine bidding them out of […]

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Your ACE in the Hole

December 10, 2014

By Jon Simons It seems every development conversation I have with a Camp Executive Director eventually moves towards alumni engagement… or the serious lack thereof. On paper, it makes total sense: Summer camp alum should be the perfect people to enthusiastically “give back” to support camp scholarships and improvements. Who better than those who have experienced […]

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