Volunteers and staff are asked to do so much, including asking for financial support on behalf of our organizations. Don’t send them out unprepared.

Our unique training experiences encourage you to look at your organization’s need and impact in a whole new way, helping you to inform and inspire donors.

Art of the Ask

This full- or half-day, interactive training event will take you, your staff and volunteers through the practice and strategies of major gift solicitation. Key agenda items include: interest raising, identifying your Top 20 and asking permission to ask for the gift. Participants learn from major donor interviews how to effectively solicit major gifts.

Blue Flame Case

This full- or half-day, interactive workshop will help you, your staff and volunteers clarify and strengthen your case for support. Key agenda items include: identifying community needs, tying your services to those needs, and developing the strongest case you can.

Regional Training Events

Donor by Design Group offers regional training events throughout North America.  Let’s visit about how we can tailor a full or half day training experience for like-minded organizations in your region.  Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Case Development
  • Art of the Ask
  • Storytelling
  • Major Donor Interviews and Application
  • Creating a Philanthropic Culture in Your Organization
  • Unleashing the Power of Social Media
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Retreats

Volunteer and staff training needs vary from the very basic to advanced techniques. When you’re ready to give your team a fundraising boost, contact us for ideas, dates and prices.