Smart Hiring

One of the most critical choices a nonprofit leader can make is the selection of a development officer. When there is high turnover in that position, the organization’s ability to connect with donors and raise money suffers.

smart hiring





How do you prevent that high turnover? Donor By Design’s Smart Hiring.

Smart Hiring is a process to help your organization identify the qualities you need in a development staff person, interview candidates effectively and set your new hire up for success with a launch plan.

Smart Hiring deliverables include:

  • Review and enhancements of job descriptions and position postings.
  • Review and rating of selected applicant cover letters/resumes (together with your team).
  • Work with your HR team to video screen top six candidates.
  • Development of a comprehensive recruitment/information packet for your organization.
  • Design and facilitation of full day, on-site, top candidate interview process, and debrief afterward.
  • Work with the leadership to identify top candidate.
  • Creation of a 30-60-90 day on-boarding process for senior development officer.

“Working with DBD as an outside consultant helped us remain objective as we looked for the best development officer. They asked the right questions to help us validate who we believed was our top candidate. From start to finish we were very satisfied with the process, and especially the outcome.”

– Dick Bennett, CEO Lake County YMCA

If you are looking for a development professional to help your organization advance its mission, contact us – we can help!