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Recognition By Design

Donor recognition is a critical step in any campaign. Not only does it thank donors for their past generosity, it allows donors to, in a sense, put their name on your facility, connecting them closer to your cause.

Donor walls can be expensive and difficult to maintain and update. Banners and other signage tend to “disappear” into the background as people stop noticing them as they walk by.

Recognition by Design is different. It uses coordinated screens to recognize donors, legacy society members, volunteers and more. By incorporating motion, varying backgrounds and color, the donor wall stays vibrant and eye-catching, even for those who see it every day. Each wall is professionally designed to meet your unique needs, and it’s easy for you to update should you need to add or alter a name.

“Recognition By Design donor banners are so dynamic. I love that we can recognize a donor the very same day we receive the gift.  They offer a fresh way to highlight and steward our donors, and they give a clean, modern look in our facilities.” – Michelle LaRue, Senior Vice President, Development and Marketing, YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties

To learn more, read our FAQ, or arrange a one-on-one demonstration by contacting us.

Please note: the example in the header is from a YMCA. Contact us to learn more about using Recognition by Design in a different non-profit, church or school.