Marketing / Communications

Fundraising Communications

At the heart of fundraising is interest raising – informing potential donors, inspiring their generosity and empowering them with the knowledge that they can make a positive change in the world.

That interest-raising takes many forms and happens both before and after a gift is made. How will you pique – and keep – the interest of your donors?

Donor By Design Group offers a number of tools, training opportunities and strategies to help you tell your story and inspire your donors.

  • Case Development (Brochures, Videos, etc)
  • Volunteer Newsletters and Web Resources
  • Social Media and Web Strategies


Nonprofit Marketing and Positioning

All organizations, even nonprofits, are challenged to connect their services to the people they want to serve. Donor By Design Group can help you evaluate and enhance your current marketing and positioning efforts.

  • Communication Assessments
  • Secret Shopping
  • Marketing/Communications Planning

For more information on how Donor By Design Group can help your organization, contact us.