Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is an important step in the capital campaign process. Within the feasibility study we obtain information through a variety of methods: personal interviews, online surveys, telephone interviews and, if necessary, focus group meetings.


Information is gathered to assess the following:

  • †Image and reputation of the organization
  • †Level of financial support available for the project
  • †Availability of volunteer leadership who demonstrate commitment, interest and enthusiasm
  • †Level of priority constituents assigned to the proposed project(s)
  • †Amount of time and support that might be expected from various segments of the organization’s constituency (board members, key individuals with ties to the organization, foundations and prospective donors)


While a study reveals the amount of support available and a recommended dollar goal, there are other important reasons to do a feasibility study:

  • †Cultivate and educate key leaders, getting their input and deepening their engagement in the project.
  • †Identify major gift prospects and potential campaign leaders and determine connections with them.
  • †Gather information needed to create a comprehensive campaign plan, case statement and marketing strategy.
  • †Assess internal readiness.
  • Identify pre-campaign activities that will be needed to strengthen the organization’s fundraising position.


Are you considering a feasibility study ahead of your next campaign? Contact us to learn more about our process or request a proposal.