Rethinking Debt Reduction

February 16, 2017



Written By: DBD Team

By The DBD Team

Recently, Michele Goodrich and Peggy Vinson from our team interviewed Jen Kruel from the YMCA of Dodge County as part of the NAYDO 365 podcast series. With their permission, we’re posting it here as well because the conversation tells the story of a small organization climbing out of a paralyzing debt situation. How they did it, and how their community rallied around this Y, has lessons for any organization considering taking on debt… or working to get out of it.


While Jen’s remarks come from her recent experiences in a YMCA, any non-profit can be served by reframing how they think – and talk – about debt with donors, with the community and even to themselves. 

Give it a listen and then let us know in the comments what you’ve done – or will be doing in 2017 – to rethink debt.

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