Resolution: Be Grateful

January 8, 2018



Written By: Danny

By Danny Maier


This January, the DBD Team is making resolutions to help us be better. Today Danny encourages all of us to try a new way to keep our resolutions – by being grateful. 

In this New Year, if you want to be successful in achieving your resolutions, don’t rely upon will power. Fewer than 10 percent of resolutions are maintained through will power. Instead, there’s a more powerful and successful way to change your life through a New Year’s resolution. Be grateful. How does gratitude figure into this equation?  Well, here is the research.  

This New York Times article summarizes something I should have known long ago: will power is tough. You get worn down. In fact, exercising will power has shown to weaken your immune system over time.

When it comes to achieving those pesky resolutions, research shows that it is “our emotions — specifically, gratitude, compassion and an authentic sense of pride (not hubris) — that push us to behave in ways that show self-control.”

“If using will power causes stress, using emotions actually heals. They slow heart rate, lower blood pressure and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. By making us value the future more, they ease the way to patience and perseverance,” according to the researchers.

My resolution for this year is to be more grateful, content, and compassionate. For so many of us working in the not-for-profit world, this should be second nature. Once a week, I’m setting aside time to focus on gratitude. It’s in my calendar. Each week. No will power necessary to keep up this resolution. Just gratitude.

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2 responses to “Resolution: Be Grateful”

  1. John Alexander says:

    Thanks, Danny!! I will try to remain in a grateful attitude!!!

  2. Susan says:

    This is so simple but so true. It doesn’t take much effort to be grateful. We just need to act with intention. Thanks for the reminder