Resolution: Be A Mentor

January 3, 2018



Written By: Jan

By Jan Brogdon

This January, the DBD Team is making resolutions to help us be better. Today Jan encourages all of us to remember our mentors… and to be one for someone else. 

Who was it for you? That one person (or several people) who have been critical in shaping the success you have achieved in your life? Be it in your career, or church lay leadership, or that older mom who helped you see that “this is just a phase” when you were convinced that your kids were the only ones causing this much chaos in their family’s lives.

As you think about that person, consider what they did that helped you. Often we find that it wasn’t formal, scripted, or company-mandated. It was personal. They listened to you, asking authentic, probing, personal questions. They helped you shape next steps and potential solutions. Mostly they offered friendship. Maybe not the kind you had experienced growing up from someone at the same age and stage as you. It was a different kind of genuine caring relationship based on respect and a desire to help and nurture you in your growth journey.

They were a mentor to you.

Is it time for you to consider how you are playing that role for someone in 2018? It doesn’t have to be professional; it can be in a multitude of other settings. I believe that one of the things often missed by the mentee in the relationship is just how beneficial it is to the mentor. Look around your community, your workplace and your social networks. Be THAT person, even for a season, for the person who needs you.

Consider how 2018 can be special for you – become someone’s mentor!

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4 responses to “Resolution: Be A Mentor”

  1. Jan, thanks for your encouraging words today for us to be that person for someone who needs us. Messages like this seem to arrive in our in-box at just the right time!

    • Jan Jan says:

      Suellen: you are always mentoring others within your circles of influence and are a great role model to many!

      Thanks for your comments today!

  2. John Alexander says:

    Jan, thanks for the excellent advice, Jan. See you at SMS in Florida.

  3. Jan Jan says:

    Thanks John! See you soon