Keeping Your Balance

May 29, 2017



Written By: Peggy

By Peggy Vinson

We’re coming into the summer months and as usual, we want to make the most of these fleeting months. One of the biggest complaints I hear from staff I work with is that they have no control over their work/life balance. I wish to disagree.

Earlier in my career, I took time to think through what I did have control over and found that there was a lot. I just wasn’t using it to my fullest.

Even if it’s not vacation time, I have some thoughts on how to enhance the time we have.

Peggy’s Rules to Maintaining Sanity While Enjoying Your Career

  • Work out!
  • Always think things through over night before responding to a heated issue.
  • Leave when it’s time…the organization won’t fall apart because you went home.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Focus on your spouse, friends and family. Truly listen to what they have to say.
  • Let your friends/spouse vent without sharing what frustrates you. It feels good. You don’t have to share every work frustration when you get home. Leave it behind.
  • Go to church.
  • When you are home…be home.
  • Share the fun things about your job with your family/friends…bring them along.
  • Take time for something fun for you…something not related to work.
  • Read…something besides professional journals!
  • Don’t forget why you started working for your organization.
  • Have fun!

Remember, if all your family and friends hear is what makes you angry about your job, that’s all they know. Talk about what made you feel good at work, what you are proud of, what you accomplished, the great people you run into every day, the difference you made in someone’s life. If you share the proud moments, your family will understand the difficult moments!

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3 responses to “Keeping Your Balance”

  1. Mike Mike Bussey says:

    Great advice, Peg! Thank You!

  2. John Alexander says:

    Peggy’s Rules is a great list of advice. Thanks, Peggy….will use them to regain my sanity before I maintain it.