Going Deep on New Markets Tax Credits

March 20, 2017



Written By: DBD Team

By the Donor By Design Team

New Markets Tax Credits can be a wonderful way to finish a campaign strong and bring a new capital project into a struggling community. They aren’t without their quirks though, and are by no means a “sure thing.”

Is your project a candidate for a NMTC? Are you in the early stages of planning a capital project and wondering if NMTC might be part of your campaign?

In this episode of DBD’s What Matters podcast, Jim Mellor and Bruce Berglund go deep on New Markets Tax Credits, explaining what they are, how they work (and don’t work) and the keys to securing one for your project.

Have a listen and then let us know your questions or share your story in the comments section below.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (for qualifying census tracts and CDEs)

DBD’s Field Notes – A primer on New Markets Tax Credits


(Note: Podcast is approximately 23 minutes)

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