Brain Food – December 2013

December 27, 2013



Written By: DBD Team


By the Donor By Design Team

It’s the last full week of 2013 and we hope you are spending some well-deserved time off with family and friends. But if you’re in the office, or if you’re taking a break from all that time off with family and friends, we’ve got some ideas and articles to get you thinking!

Six Reasons Kids Give has great resources for parents, including this great article on inspiring generosity in your child.

What Kind of Giver are You?

Seth Godin has been featured on “Brain Food” before and for good reason. His leadership and marketing advice is unparalleled. Earlier this month, he took on the topic of charitable giving and gave non-profit leaders a whole new set of tools for thinking about donor motivation.

Baby Boomers Moving Into Peak Giving Years

While much of this article on won’t come as a surprise to non-profit leaders, it does provide some interesting data on giving trends in different age groups. We found the data on what types of charities are most supported by different generations particularly interesting. How might it inform your cause’s case for support?

Vote early. Vote often.

There’s still time to place your vote for Non-Profit Humour’s story of the year. (No, they aren’t real. Yes, they are funny.) Our vote is for Darth Vadar as head of the “Imperial United Way” campaign. No way you’re not making your goal with a campaign chair like that!

And finally, a cheeky reminder that sometimes people just don’t feel like talking to each other. We can’t blame ALL of that on smartphones:


Thanks for sharing 2013 with us! All our best in the coming year!


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