Be a Leader, Not a Lid

September 20, 2018



Written By: jon

By Jon Simons

Speaking at the Global Leadership Summit this summer, Craig Groeschel, co-founder and senior pastor of Life Church summarized the need for (and power of) delegation with one challenging statement: “Don’t become the lid to your organization.”

Craig went on to encourage all leaders to empower others, at all levels, to dream, create and imagine a larger vision for the organization. In many cases empowerment comes in the form of delegation. While delegation is by no means a new concept, many leaders never take full advantage of this powerful tool. Too many of us confuse delegation with dumping. What’s the difference?

When we give someone a task, carefully outlining exactly what to do and how to do it, we are dumping. True delegation clarifies the “what” and trusts the others with the “how.” 

All of us have “go to” people in our lives and our work, those who can almost read our thoughts and deliver above and beyond our expectations time and time again.  We lean on them; we trust them and we invite them into our inner circle.  Craig Groeschel challenges all leaders to expand that circle by considering “who else?” Who else could we empower through delegation?  Who else could we invest in by building trust and tapping into their passions, skills and creativity?  As Craig shared, some of the best people in your organization are those that others have overlooked.

So, start making your list! Write down five things currently on your “to do” list and delegate them to someone else.  Invest in people at all levels of your organization by trusting them where they are.  Be clear on what you need done and leave the how to them.  By unleashing the passion and creativity of others you will not only build trust, you will pull others into a greater vision of what could be.

It’s time to lift the lid!


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One response to “Be a Leader, Not a Lid”

  1. John C Alexander says:

    Thanks for sharing this fine strategy, Jon. Just Tuesday, a good friend commented on Craig’s “How to Grow a Healthy Organization” podcasts and how she has really enjoyed them. I am committed to tapping in to them.