The Makings of a Great Leader

October 9, 2018

By Robin Jordan-Repokis When we think of leaders who inspire us, people like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey or Nelson Mandela come to mind. These individuals demonstrated their great leadership by being innovators who are driven by their values and a desire to make the world a better place. To change lives. They never lost sight […]

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Preparing For The Ask

February 6, 2018

By Robin Jordan When people think of fundraising, they usually are thinking about The Ask – and that can be very intimidating. This month, the Donor By Design Team is taking on How to Ask. Today, Robin reminds us to take the time to prepare our volunteers, and ourselves. In the course of preparing for […]

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You’ve got what it takes. Grit.

November 17, 2017

By Robin Jordan In August, I attended the Global Leadership Summit and heard Angela Lee Duckworth’s presentation on Grit. I was fascinated by the concept and certainly could relate. However, the real inspiration came during my time with a client as we were visiting with a nonprofit supporter and community member. My client and I […]

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Being Intentional About Board Development

August 17, 2017

By Robin Jordan As non-profit leader I learned to use summer as an opportunity to connect with volunteers and start my board development strategies. Over the years, I developed a proficient and intentional method that improved my efforts, year after year, in building a stronger group of volunteers. Board members are the cornerstone to successful […]

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Three Keys to Stronger Donor Relationships

May 22, 2017

By Robin Jordan Recently, I attended a conference. The highlight of my experience was reconnecting with colleagues and friends. Even walking through the lobby, every other step was a chance for a hug, a handshake and a friendly smile. We shared laughs, stories and joy. I started to notice my conversations with my colleagues had […]

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How I Learned to Love Fundraising

March 9, 2017

By Robin Jordan My journey to loving fundraising starts with a story. I started my career as a young enthusiastic program director in the nonprofit world. I was hired by the YMCA and my area of expertise was fitness. Picture leg warmers, headbands, and those very becoming leotards. While I might be dating myself, some […]

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Building a Winning Team

January 23, 2017

By Robin Jordan This month, the Donor By Design Group is challenging you to take action, moving from resolutions to results. Today’s topic? Build a winning team.   For the past few weeks, NFL teams have been in a show down to compete in the big event – the Super Bowl. The preparation for this event, […]

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How to Face Down a Monster

October 17, 2016

By Robin Jordan This October, the Donor By Design team is tackling spooky situations in development. Join us this month for hair-raising stories and cautionary tales of frightful fundraising!   The thought of asking for money can be intimidating and overwhelming. The planning and work that it takes to prepare for a successful campaign can often […]

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