Do You Have Enough Friends?

April 19, 2017

By Jan Brogdon On a recent feasibility interview I met with a long-time community philanthropist who has been involved in more campaigns than maybe any other leader in my community. In the middle of a lovely question and answer session he leaned back in his seat to share a personal story that I am sharing […]

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A Tsunami is on the Way


March 3, 2017

By Jan Brogdon On multiple occasions recently, I have heard nonprofit leaders discussing the upcoming tsunami heading across North America: the changing leadership guard in the C-level suites in large and small organizations in communities of all sizes, demographics and genres of service. If we all sense its approach, what can those of us who […]

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Passing the Baton, Part 2

November 21, 2016

By Jan Brogdon In his recent post, Bruce highlighted the questions and opportunities that arise when there is change in leadership at the top of an organization. But what about a change in the Development Officer role? Recent data from the AFP “2016 State of the Sector” states that the average tenure of development professionals […]

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The Fourth Quarter


September 12, 2016

By Jan Brogdon If you know me, you know this is my favorite time of the year: FOOTBALL SEASON! Football is a game with four quarters. The fourth quarter can be a critical time in not only the game being played, but also sets the tone for future games yet to be played. As you […]

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Reinvigorating Volunteer Teams


May 31, 2016

By Jan Brogdon In this series, the DBD Team will take a deeper look at some of the axioms we use when working with our clients. In today’s blog, Jan Brogdon reflects on our axiom: Boards Don’t Heal Themselves. During the middle of the most recent economic downturn, I sat in a very challenging Finance […]

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Maximizing Professional Development


April 4, 2016

By Jan Brogdon Those of you familiar with our work know how fond we are of Seth Godin’s “The Dip.” His concept of the dip – the place where all the energy and excitement of our exciting new project or campaign starts to fade – is relevant in all sorts of endeavors, including: When we […]

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Proceed with caution


February 18, 2016

By Jan Brogdon You approach an intersection as the light turns yellow. What’s your response? A) Hit the gas to make it through before it turns red. B) Tap the break and prepare to pause at the light while assessing oncoming traffic, checking your rearview mirror and maybe even gazing ahead for the travel conditions […]

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Resolution: Read


January 18, 2016

By Jan Brogdon There is no shortage of things to read in this day and age. Sometimes I feel like I’m drinking from a fire hydrant of information! I am constantly scanning the digital inbox for the next report due date, meeting confirmation, or to-do project. Then, I move to the newsletters, blogs and websites. […]

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Gratitude with Every Step


December 3, 2015

Regardless of your feelings about the Duke Basketball team, no one can deny the leadership qualities displayed by Coach Mike Krzyzewski to bring out the best in young men year after year in the arena of Division 1 college basketball. In a recent interview in Success magazine by Don Yaeger, Coach K shared a few […]

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More Than a Job


October 26, 2015

By Jan Brogdon Oftentimes our blogs lift up the power of volunteers, and make no mistake, the not-for-profit sector could not achieve our missions without them. But as we approach the holidays and pause to reflect and give thanks for the numerous things in our personal and professional lives, I feel compelled to acknowledge the […]

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Rookie Smarts


September 14, 2015

By Jan Brogdon Like most professionals in today’s work environment, I have looked for a variety of mentors to help me grow and develop as a professional, as a woman in the workplace, and as a wife and mother. A recent experience caused me to rethink the selection of mentors at this stage of my […]

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August 10, 2015

By Jan Brogdon I received this lovely donor gift at a recent charter school event. A 4th grade student, Marcus, had selected the word “Seasons” and then used his creativity to paint his representation of what the word meant to him. It really spoke to me personally that day, but it also reminds me of […]

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