Case Study: Regional Strong Kids Campaign


“Most of the Ys in the New York media market saw a great advantage in pooling our resources and launching a major media campaign concurrent with the annual fund drive. It was a big and complicated project… and the first organization we thought of to quarterback that project was Donor by Design Group. And the results have been just great.”

Jack Lund, CEO, YMCA of Greater New York

Many YMCAs find themselves in the unique situation of sharing a market area. Members work in the service area of one Y and live in the service area of another. When it comes to positioning the YMCA – especially as a charity of choice – YMCAs can accomplish more when they work together.

In 2006, the region surrounding New York City, including New York and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut, came together in their annual campaign. They used the same brand, ran their campaigns at the same time, and pooled their resources to run an awareness campaign on TV and in regional print media. The result: increased participation and funds raised in the annual campaigns of participating Ys.

In 2007, two more regions, the Delaware Valley (including Philadelphia, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and southern New Jersey) and Ontario, Canada, worked together in much the same way.

An “integrated” annual campaign uses a single brand message across multiple media. Through carefully crafted, consistent messages, the YMCA’s charitable mission is reinforced in the entire region. And those messages continue at the local level, where branches tell the stories and present the needs of their particular community.